Monday, October 23, 2006

To the woman who tried to sell me carpet cleaning:

When I say "No, thank you," in a polite, but final tone, your "Are you sure you don't want that carpet cleaned?" with a sneer as you look into my house is not likely to change my mind. It is, however, likely to make me wish I'd taken your damned flyer so I could call your company and tell them what a bitch you are.

FYI - I did something to my back and can barely move. It's been 8 days now and that's mainly why my floor is still covered in toys. I brave great pain to vacuum every day (and that's probably why my back still hurts - that and the laundry I haul up and down two sets of stairs every day), but picking up toys every time my 15 month old empties the toy bin is not something I'm willing to brave pain for.

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