Saturday, October 28, 2006

What has MamaChris been up to this week?

A whole lot of nothing. And I mean that quite literally. I've been incapable of doing more than crawling to the bathroom. I posted about the carpet cleaning lady and how I couldn't vacuum because I hurt my back, right? So on Tuesday morning, I didn't just hurt. I couldn't walk. I actually asked someone for help - a sure sign that MamaChris is in some major pain. My dad took Miss G to preschool and picked Mr. T up from kindergarten. My mom picked Miss G back up from preschool. Any Baby S lifting was done by someone other than me too. Finally, I caved and made a doctor's appointment. The nice P.A. gave me some muscle relaxers, 800mg ibuprofen and a painkiller. So I took the muscle relaxer Tuesday night. Wednesday morning I woke up and COULD NOT MOVE. I tried to crawl to the bathtub because I thought the hot water would make it hurt less. I couldn't even get in the tub. Somehow I managed to get in, but then I could get my clothes off. Yes, I took a hot bath with my clothes on. Hey, I was in PAIN. P.A.I.N. Tom was home from school so I took the muscle relaxer (which really doesn't feel like it does that much to me) while I stayed in bed all day. By the end of the day I could move again. Barely. Thursday I could move a little bit more, but still had people moving the kids where they needed to be. Friday I could actually walk without limping or screaming.

And today? I went to the Notre Dame-Navy game. !!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, yeah, I remember the back thing, but it's NOTRE DAME. Don't you get it? Notre. Dame. And I was there. Sure, I'll probably be unable to move tomorrow and my back hurts a lot right now, but our seats were in the 11th row. OMG! It was awesome. Funny, but my back didn't hurt until we were in the car on the way home.

My house is an absolute wreck since I have only barely been capable of walking this week. I feel most days like I do nothing, but turns out I do something. It's almost like a strike, but without the teach them a lesson part. It taught me a lesson. Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on myself.

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