Friday, February 29, 2008

I might be crazy, but I'm so excited!

We're planning a big family trip to Disney next year around this time (exact date still to be determined). I love, love, love car trips (that's the one of the crazy parts), so we're driving, probably halfway one day and the rest of the way the next. With a six-month-old (that'd be the craziest part), 3 year old, five year old and seven year old. But we're going with my whole family - sister, brother, their families and our parents. Some families might kill each other, but ours actually can get along for a whole week - especially someplace like Disney or other resort where you don't have to be in each other's space the whole time because there's so many other things to do.

So I'm going to start researching our trip, probably way too soon, but I'm excited now and not stressed about gas prices or all the other stuff that will take over once we get closer to the actual trip.

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