Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Not sure I'm feeling it this year. I was thinking about blogging it all like I tried to last year (probably as sporadically as I do anything else). Maybe I'll get into it as the group gets narrowed down to an accessible number of contestants. Apparently I'm in the minority, but I hate Hollywood Week - too much focus on the whining (which is part of the reason I hate reality tv - things like American Idol and Dancing with the Stars don't really have time to let people whine for too long).

And sixties week? I didn't think the top 24 had been themed in years past. I could be wrong, though. My memory's sketchy at its best.

David Hernandez - "Midnight Hour" Okay, he's good, but I was pretty bored. Maybe it's the confidence thing that Simon mentioned, but I just wasn't interested. Hopefully not a sign of things to come. I'm starting to think my interest in Idol may have run its course.

Chikezie - "i love you more today than yesterday" I don't think that was the right song for him. I appreciate the motivation behind choosing Stevie Wonder, but I don't think it suited his voice. I liked him better than the first guy, though.

David Cook - "Happy Together" Much more my style of music. I'm not a pop/r&b type. I'm more pop/punk/alternative/rock. I would totally download this to my iPod.

Jason Yeager "Moon River" Didn't someone else try this and fail miserably? Unless dude shakes this up, I'm putting money on him going home this week.

Robbie Carrico "One" Not a song I would have liked him to pick. But I love the rockers, so I forgive.

David Archuleta "Shop Around" So I guess he's the choice this season? And yes, I do seem to remember that he's 17. No need to not-so-subtly ask again, Randy. I liked it, but it wasn't really my style. But then few of the winners have been.

Danny Noriega "Jailhouse Rock" Wow, that's fast. Kind of a manic version of this. I don't hate it, but it's a little...I don't know not very accessible - boring almost it's so fast.

Luke Menard "Everybody's Talking" Dude, could you have chosen a more boring song? I admit this is a modernized arrangement that's less annoying than the original (which I can only hear in my head in the context of the Forrest Gump soundtrack).

Colton Berry "Suspicious Minds" I love Elvis. Two in one night. And yes, this is much better, if a little nondescript. Nothing really set it apart from the original. The backup singers especially dated it.

Garrett "Breaking Up is Hard to Do" Boring. Are all the guys boring tonight or is it just me? And did dude say he's been watching this since he was NINE? NINE??????? Damn, I'm old. They're music is headed up by Ricky Minor? Isn't that who Wayne Brady tells to play the "Don't Forget the Lyrics" songs?

Jason Castro "What a Day for a Daydream" Love the guitar. Actually, just love this guy. Yay, someone not boring.

Michael Johns "Light my Fire" Yes, breaking out the flame background. Love the song. He gets a pass just on song choice. Tom (the musician) says dude sucks, but I know my Idol and he's got something more important than singing well - he's interesting. That' s the thing on Idol - be good or be bad, just don't be boring.

Side note: I do not watch this show to see Simon and Paula snipe at each other.

I predict Moon River Jason Yeager is leaving. Second to leave - ugh. Don't make me choose who was most boring after that. The Leif Garrett lookalike, maybe, or the first guy (who was so memorable I can't even think of his name without going back) or Luke.


  1. AHHHH a fellow Idol Junkie!!!
    I LOVED guitar long haired day for a day dream guy. My other favorite was cute australian light my fire guy. I think it was the scarf!
    Im hoping Elvis boy goes home and the smiley kid that everyone loves but totally bugs me kid that was on star search.
    What did you think of the girls?

  2. I got distracted by Mythbuster's MacGuyver episode for the second half of the girls, so I'm going to watch on the DVR once the kids go down for naps.

    That kid that everyone loves bugs me too.