Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Idol Ladies night - Week Two

So I loved the 70s theme from last night (dare I hope for the 80s next week?), more than I expected to, since the 70s incorporates disco and that can get rough. I'd like to see one of the girls play an instrument tonight (is Brooke who played the keyboard?). I think some of the guys are going to set themselves apart with that extra feature. Yes, it's a singing competition, Simon, but it makes those people more memorable and in some cases distracts from less than perfect song choice.

My wish list for tonight: more Fleetwood Mac, easy on the disco, maybe some Carole King or Carly Simon or other singer/songwriter - one of the styles of music that MADE the decade, if you ask me.

Carly - missed her, damn it.

Syesha "Me and Mr. Jones" I'm kind of meh on the song choice, but it's nice for her. The judges disagreed, but I liked it. Maybe the offness I felt with them last night is still working here.

Brooke - "You're so vain" Yay, Brooke plays guitar AND Carly Simon. Okay, she wins automatically. She fulfilled my main requests. YAAAAAAAY, Brooke!

Ramiele "Dont' Leave Me This Way" Fun song, but it started slow and kept getting back to that boring slow part. I'm not sure it was the best song choice for that reason.

Kristy Lee Cook "You're No Good" The weird shimmy thing doesn't usually carry one as far as one might think. Stop making cute little faces at me. I can't even concentrate on how she's singing (not bad, but nothing special).

Amanda Overmeyer "Carry on, my wayward son" Probably not the best choice for her. In theory, I love her - love rockers, love Janis Joplin, love someone outside the cookie-cutter blond mold they seem to have created on here. But that? That was rough.

Alaina Whitaker "Hopelessly Devoted to You" So at first, I was all - hey didn't they specifically tell this girl to speed it up? But then I saw her name and realized I'd gotten two of the blondes confused. They really are cookie-cutter. It was okay, but taking on this song for most American females is taking on Aretha or Celine or Whitney.

Alexandrea Lushington "If You Leave Me Now" Ah, takes me back to my Lite 102 days. I got hooked on it at the orthodontist's office. I was a weird kid. But seriously? What a boring song.

Kady Malloy “Magic Man” Okay, she’s the one who’s supposed to kick it up. It was kicked up more than last week, but not really great.

Asiah Epperson “All By Myself” I think this song’s been done enough on Idol. Or maybe I’ve watched Clueless a few too many times. I don’t remember what she sang last week (Piece of my heart?), but I think this is a change. No, Randy. This is not a Celine Dion song. It’s ERIC CARMEN. They made this mistake last year. Why the hell would she sing Celine Dion during 70s week? Idiots.

Wow, not really a great night for the girls here in general, though. I’m not sure I even have a good handle on who’s leaving. One of the blondes, probably. And probably Amanda, even though I theoretically like her and I'm willing to stick with her for another week to see what she does, I'm not sure America is so willing.

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