Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Idol Guys Week Two...

I have some very clear favorites from last week so I'm hoping they do well enough to stick around into the top 12.

Michael Johns- "Go Your Own Way" Oh. My. God. I'm like, the biggest Fleetwood Mac fan. So major, MAJOR bonus points for song choice. I don't know, though, he sounded strained during the second verse and he's not Lindsey Buckingham. But maybe when someone sings one of your favorite band's songs, you're a little pickier.

Jason Castro "" He's one of my favorites from last week. Oh, that's a BeeGees song? I totally didn't recognize. And that's a good thing. Whatever, judges. I thought he was great.

Luke Menard "Killer Queen" I recognize that most young people might not be familiar with this particular Queen song unless, like me, the 70s is your first choice for music. Even still, taking on Freddie Mercury is a risk. And it doesn't pay off for Luke. He looks like a pale imitation.

Robbie Carrico "Hot Blooded" Really? I mean of all the 70s rock songs, of all the Foreigner songs, of all the freaking songs in the world, you think this is the best choice to display your vocal talents? Sorry, but I think you just bought yourself a ticket home.

David Hernandez "" I just don't like him for some reason. DH thought he was about to sing Shaft. I really did too. I did NOT like this, though the judges and everyone else seemed to.

Jason Yeager "Without Love" I may be misinterpreting the lyrics, but I thought "She left her home and her family and she won't be coming back....without love." was kind of sad and hard. But dude sings it with that big cheesy grin. I want to smack him.

Chikezie "" Yeah, don't know this song, but he's much more interesting than he was last week. I'm curious enough about him to want him back next week just to see what he'll sing.

Danny Noriega "" Crappy song. Annoying dude.

David Cook "All Right Now" Yeah. Now that's 70s rock. And I ADORE that he's a "word nerd." Dude! Me too! He seemed totally at ease working the crowd and just right at home up there. I was totally annoyed by what Simon said. In this rare instance, I have to agree with Paula ("women like smart men").

David Archuleta "Imagine" I liked his version of it. He sang it well and all. But there's a part of me that's disappointed in whoever owns the rights to that song allowing it to be sung on American Idol. I guess it brings the song to a new generation and that's cool and all, but what if he'd butchered it?

I think I got everyone (trying to do this after the show from memory). My picks to leave are Robbie Carrico and Danny Noriega (alternate because I just dont' like Danny and that's the only reason I picked him to leave: Jason Yeager).

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