Friday, April 13, 2007



See that green plastic egg in the bend of that tree? There has been an egg hidden in that very spot - a tree in my grandparents' backyard - for every single Easter I can remember - probably longer than that, really. My aunts and uncles hid an egg there for me and my sister and brother and our cousins when we were little. Then we grew up and hid eggs there for our younger cousins. Now they've grown up and are hiding an egg there for my kids. Among my fondest hopes is that my kids will hide an egg there for the children of my younger cousins. I love that my kids are able to have some of the same things to remember as I do, just as I love that they remember the same things that Tom knew as a child and they also have completely unique experiences all their own.

This picture will always make me smile and think about my childhood and my grandparents' house and years and years of holidays spent there. I hope that it also makes me think about the memories we're making every day - that every moment is potentially the one that my children will remember and tell their own children about. I hope this calms me on hard days and makes me take a deep breath before I scold. I hope this makes me spend a little more time playing and a little less time worrying about little things.
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