Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Things happen for a reason...

So lately I've had this pain in my upper right side, right under my ribcage. Sometimes it extends into my back. Mainly it's annoying, but at times it's very painful. And this coming from someone who's definition of pain was forever altered by a very severe ankle fracture. So I took myself to the doctor to see what she thought (in itself a sign that I was in pain - I'm kind of a "no doctor" type). She says "gallbladder." Nope. Don't have one anymore. Therefore she decided to send me off to see a gastroenterologist. He says it's probably scarring. More tests to verify this, but it's probably what is it is and it's more annoying than a huge problem for now.

The point of my medical drama? While my doctor was writing the referral request, I asked her to look at a mole on my thigh. She didn't like it and immediately scheduled a removal and biopsy. The results came in this afternoon. It wasn't cancerous, but it would have been eventually.

I told my sister this and she thinks it's crazy, but I think my gallbladder pain was intended to get me to the doctor to have this mole removed. Maybe I'm crazy. Maybe I'm more spiritual than I think I am because I think someone, a higher someone, was looking out for me. Tonight I'm relieved. And thankful.

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