Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Tony Bennett Night on Idol...

First, allow me to begin by saying I LOVE Tony Bennett and that whole crooner style of music. Love it. So I have high hopes for the evening (Melinda, honey, please don't disappoint)...

Blake - Mack the Knife. Meh. A bit of a boring selection, honestly. But digging the house band. Okay, I'm loving this. He's not trying to make it something it's not and he's really singing it well. Awesome.

Phil - Night and Day. Love the outfit - very appropriate. I wasn't sure at first - a little boring, maybe, but he definitely worked it out and really finished strong. Second week in a row that I've liked him.

Melinda - I've Got Rhythm. Her hair's a little younger looking this week. Great song choice - upbeat and slow to show off her personality and her voice. One of my favorite Melinda performances to date (That W-O-M-A-N one is my fave).

Chris R. - Don't Get Around Much Anymore. I love this song. And without changing it all except for him singing it and not someone older, he's almost making this swing classic seem current. And while I don't generally like him, I like this. And not just because I would love to see this music hit the mainstream again.

Jordin - Cute, well sung, but a little old sounding. Randy was right that she didn't bring the young to it like Chris did. And Randy had it right when he told Melinda that she's teaching the others to sing. Jordin was totally working M's moves. Melinda better watch out.

Gina - another subdued performance that really shows off how she can sing. I didn't LOVE it, but it was good.

Haley - really not her best, IMO. She's weak in parts and just kind of flat. I don't know if it's the song choice, which is kind of boring.

LaKisha - shaky start, but that girl can sing. And she is also learning from Melinda with the hand motions, but she still doesn't seem to connect the way M does. I think Jordin is learning faster.

Man, tough to rank tonight. I think I'll skip that. My bottom two is Haley and Sanjaya. But I bet the actual bottom two is Haley and Phil. And this is probably Haley's week to go.

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