Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Shake down the thunder from the sky

On a lighter note, do you know what tonight is? I've been drowning, utterly saturating myself in football for the past five days in anticipation of having to go cold turkey until September (well, unless the Ravens continue to win, but college-free at any rate).

SUGAR BOWL!!! Notre Dame v. LSU. MamaChris is muy excited. And...well...a little (lot) nervous for her boys. Don't get me wrong. I think they're the best team Notre Dame has seen since 93 (and don't get me started on the travesty surrounding the national championship that year). But the big teams have given them trouble this year. So I'm worried. But hopeful. And determined to cheer her loyal sons onward to victory.

And in a super cute side note: I'm doing my best to raise little Notre Dame football fans. I've taught my kids the victory march. Mr. T hums it - he's embarassed to sing in public. Miss G, she belts it out. All jumbled up and misheard, but she sure is loud. You should see her accompanying dance to go with the title above. This girl. Baby S is my best hope, I think. I've been explaining football to her since she was born. Last season she was only a few months old, but this year she was old enough to seem fascinated by it. Next year, she probably won't sit still for it, but I tried.

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