Thursday, August 10, 2006

Vintage Jackpot...

 DH's grandmother died in April. His mother and her sister and brother are in the process of cleaning out her house (and she was a bit...a lot of a packrat, so it's a lengthy process). The woman never threw anything away. DH and I were looking at old family photos and he said nothing in that house has changed from the years before he was born even. So these things were hers that she bought back in the fifties and probably never used (the cake platter doesn't have a scratch or rust spot on it at all, the canisters are only a bit rusty, but their insides are pristine).

In the cleaning process, my notorious love of everything vintage and baking related got me these treasures. My MIL and her siblings were happy to see someone in the family use and enjoy them rather than see them sold to a stranger and I'm in love with my vintage jackpot. Posted by Picasa

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