Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Happy birthday to me!

 Okay, it's more than a bit late. But I have an excuse. A good one. A really, really good one. Really, you ask? Really, really good? Yes. It is. What could possibly keep MamaChris from whining about turning thirty on the exact day of that occasion? Well, my beloved family decided to surprise me with a trip to the beach. ! And, to top that, which was pretty darned cool to start with, they "While You Were Out"ed us. Not the official WYWO crew and all, but they redid our half-bath that we've been planning to redo for months. So DH and I got a weekend away without the kids AND a new bathroom. Quite the thirtieth birthday. I spent it lounging on a beach, going to a movie that doesn't feature cartoon characters, even if it was a Disney flick (but Johnny Depp's Captain Jack removes all childlike aspects of that statement. Swoon.) swimming in our hotel bar, drinking at the hotel's outdoor bar while the waves crashed nearby. Ahhhhhh. I even got carded. The man was old enough that anyone under 45 looked young to him, but I thanked him anyway. Posted by Picasa

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