Wednesday, August 9, 2006

A new hobby?

 Or at any rate, a fun challenge for me. Knitting is something I've always felt like I should be able to do (I can crochet, after all. I taught myself how during Hurricane Isabel three years ago). I hit a road block when it came to purling, but unlike my previous attempts at knitting, hitting that road block didn't make me give up. I just tried a different book's explanation and it clicked. I think it's (and this applies to learning anything, really) mostly a matter of finding a way of saying how to do something that works with the way my brain processes information. This is one of the things that makes Tom a good teacher and me just not. I usually can't think of a way to say something other than the way it works in my brain. Tom can say something several different ways so that lots of different types of thinkers can grasp it. Good thing he starts teaching in ten days (he'd hate me for even thinking that - he dreads the start of school worse than most students, I think). Posted by Picasa

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