Saturday, August 26, 2006

The beginning of the end...

We took T to the school's Open House last night. We met his teacher and found the cafeteria and all that fun stuff. I went to the school twenty years ago (for fifth grade only) so I was supposed to remember where everything was. Except they've just a few things (really only a few). But we found his classroom, walked around, met Mrs. B. It was good.

But there were loads of people milling around, all trying to find their new classrooms and teachers (all grades go to this open house). So Tom grabbed T and G's hands while I pushed Baby S. As we walked away from the crowd, toward the quiet gymnasium, T said to Tom, "Could you hold my hand a little tighter, Dad?" Tom and I couldn't hold back our tears. It's nice to know he's not quite ready to let go yet too.

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