Thursday, June 8, 2006

Oh, the very deep nature of what weighs on my mind...

Right now I'm practicing photography, really working at it it completely understand the ins and outs of it all - you know, the f stops, shutter speed, all that jazz. I'm getting it. Well, I think I am. But as I'm working on this, I'm also studying photographers who are already where I want to get. Yes, their photos are technically better in lots of ways (that I'm hoping and pretty sure will come with practice). But what really gets me is their innate (is it?) style. Their kids are wearing THE cutest clothes, their houses are neat and clean (at least the parts they photograph are). Mostly I'm hung up on the kids clothes thing right now though. My kids clothes are boring, photographically speaking. But so are mine. Just what my eye is drawn to in most things - clean simple lines. Solid colors, maybe the occasional pattern, but always matched with solids. Jeans and t-shirts (except for G, the princess who will only wear dresses).

And it bugs me that this plagues my mind at all. Why am I not worried about debt or the disaster of clutter that is our house? Or, you know, the state of the world and the future that my children and grandchildren face? Yeah, all those things are too much for me to worry about. Too big, too abstract. Even the clutter staring me in the face is just too much for me to think about without getting overwhelmed. So I'll just stick my head back in the sand and shop for cute kids' clothes online.

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