Thursday, June 22, 2006


So is it turning thirty that has me reminiscing for my college days? Or maybe it's because that's the time when I felt most happy with myself. Not to say that I'm not happy now. Just that I have this idea (and it's probably touched up a bit the way memories are) that I was truly content to be me then. For at least one of those years. Really, I'm sure if I broke out the journals, I'd remember the angst - it's how I live after all. If I can't worry about something, I worry about that.

I'm breaking out the music, the movies, even ordering the DVDs of the tv shows that mark my college years. Counting Crows are coming in concert. I'm seriously thinking of getting tickets. I love their music. The poetry of the lyrics really gets me. I'm a singer-songwriter fan in general, and, while they don't strictly fit the bill, the basic feeling is there. My roommates and I listened to August and Everything After so many times our freshman and sophomore years.

I'm working on a mix CD of college music (don't worry, I download legally. I'm such a rule-follower). Which makes me think of my roommates. And how absolutely crap I am at keeping in touch with people. Of my close group of girls, eight or so of us, I keep in touch with one. How sad is that? I'm the same way with the group I was on the fringes of in high school, but there I feel no guilt. I never was really part of that group. My girls from college? I should do better. I wonder if they're feeling this turning 30 nostalgia.

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