Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lightning crashes…


On my front porch.


I had a meeting in town last night and my kids were at my in-laws house (which is across a field of wheat from us). While we were all out, lightning seems to have struck our front porch. Our televisions and phone line took the worst of the blow. Thankfully our computers all appear fine. Hopefully repairing the damage to the phone line won’t be too difficult and/or costly.

Now we get to debate if we want to try to have our 6 year old tv repaired or put out money we don’t really want to put out to buy a new one. Or borrow my mom and dad’s old tv that’s sitting upstairs in their house unplugged.

The worst part of the whole experience is that we have no internet access. We have DSL, which comes in through the phone line. No phone line, so… Besides, the modem got fried just as bad. It actually blew apart. So once our phone gets up and running, we still won’t have Internet access. Luckily my in-laws live next door and have wireless Internet.

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