Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Garden 2010: Week Six, The Photo Edition


Hey, we picked something! Two cucumbers and a zucchini. It’s not much, but I’m thrilled. After losing a row of squash to an as yet unidentified problem, picking a few things that we can actually eat from our very own garden is a major thing for us.

Did you notice me saying us? It’s gone from my garden to our garden. Tom and I work in it together. He’s just as obsessed as I am. It’s really become a bonding thing for us. We talk about how various plants are doing, what we might do to help them, what we might plant next year, even some long term plans to grow enough to sell the extras. We weed together, we just walk around and check out the progress. We share our research – he shares his prior knowledge (farm boy to city girl). No one gets my excitement over  a female pumpkin flower like he does.

Pumpkin, just waiting to be pollinated:IMG_3647

Row of Giant Pumpkins:


Tromboncino Squash:


Sweet Corn:


Black Beauty Eggplant:


Red Bell Pepper, with baby pepper growing:


Roma Tomatoes:




The Big Picture:


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