Friday, June 11, 2010

Garden 2010: Week Two (and a half)


So far, so good in the massive undertaking. Our only major loss is the lima beans (which I don’t eat and Tom does, so he’s taking this one harder than me). Not sure why, although I suspect bugs – actually I saw bugs eating the seeds, but I don’t think Tom believes me. We’ve hit it with a round of insecticide, and some are coming along now. Not sure we’ll ever see any beans, but that’s okay by me.

We actually have a baby tomato. I checked my records last year and our first tomato was picked on August 14. That’s a little late. This one might be early, but that will be nice, actually.


Last week I added a few new varieties to the garden: an heirloom squash called tromboncino that’s supposed to be resistant to whatever bitch ate my pumpkins last year and an early-bearing canteloupe, so that we might see canteloupe before September.

In a photography-related note to this gardening post. I shot all of these outdoors (on a very bright, sunny day, no less) at ISO 32-Freaking-00. And didn’t notice that my shutter speed couldn’t get below 8000 (actually, I did notice, but thought it was just so sunny out that my low aperture – I tend to shoot wide open – was the problem). I usually do snapshots on Aperture priority. Miss S graduated from nursery school on Friday night in a fairly dark church and I forgot my flash, so the ISO went way up. Since I never put it up that high, I totally forgot about having changed it. And I was too lazy to walk back to the garden and reshoot at the correct ISO, so these are probably noisy as hell. Oh, well.

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