Thursday, June 3, 2010

For the love of shoes…

IMG_3429 This shoe is one half of the perfect pair of shoes. It’s a bold statement, I know. But they are. For starters, they are – and this is foremost in my decidely non-fashionista opinion – they are comfortable enough to wear all night. I know, right? That’s the most important thing. But it doesn’t stop there. No, these shoes continue in their perfection. They match EVERYTHING. Seriously. I’ve worn them with a royal blue dress, a hot pink dress, a red dress, a black dress, jeans and a tank top. They just work.  Plus? They’re totally cute. That little bow gets me every time.

The problem, though, is that, despite being involved in a long-term relationship with the perfect shoes (I mean, it’s been THREE years, here), I admit that my eyes have wandered recently. And I have a crush on what is the shoe equivalent of The Bad Boy. They’re impractical. They match nothing I own. The heel is too high and like most bad boys, will end up hurting me. But I. Want. Them. I’ve managed to convince myself that I can pull them off (I can’t) and that I’ll wear them all the time (I won’t). I’m so close to buying them and wearing them with a dress that Stacey and Clinton might say they go with, but my mom would not.

562030_Turquoise (Oh, dear God, they come in red, too. I need two pairs of shoes I’ll never wear, right?)

In the end, I’m practical. Or  a coward, depending on where you’re sitting. Could I pair these lovely turquoise shoes with the heel that I could probably handle with the gorgeous red dress I bought to wear to summer weddings? In my head, yes. In reality, my (boring) adorable little tan ones will make me more comfortable.

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