Sunday, February 7, 2010

Some photography ramblings...

After much agonizing, I made a semi-snap decision (because, really, can it be a snap decision if I've agonized over it for months?) and ordered a new camera. For almost a year, I've been planning to buy the latest Pentax model. I currently have a 4 year old Pentax DSLR that in addition to having completely outgrown, is sorta broken (between leaving it out in the rain and totally dropping it from time to time, I actually don't blame it and it works much better than it ought).

But as I thought about where I want to go in the future, which is most likely toward professional photography, I realized that I don't want to put more money into lenses for Pentax if it won't grow with me. So I began looking at other systems, almost sure that I would switch to Nikon, because several of my photography hobbyist family members use Nikon. I barely considered Canon in most of my agonizing. Until I did. And stopped agonizing.

Despite it's Mac-like following (part of the reason I won't use a Mac is the cult-like attitude most Macs have), Canon just seemed to make more sense for me, although I don't have a great reason. I like where I can go with it. I like the selection of lenses (which is probably the most rational argument I have).

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