Monday, February 1, 2010

Recipe Review: Smitten Kitchen's Best Cocoa Brownies

My husband asked me last night why I even wanted to bake brownies from scratch. have to ask? Okay, first boxed mix brownies are unreliable - some brands are cakey, some are fudgy, some are in between. I've finally found my go-to boxed mix brownies - Ghirardelli's Double Chocolate. The only place in my rural area that carries them is Target, so I have to both remember that I want brownies and feel like driving all the way across a complicated one-way street town to get to it.

The last time I wanted brownies, I had no Ghirardelli mixes. The horror! So I tried the recipe on the back of the Baker's chocolate box, which several people had recommended I try. They were...okay. But I way undercooked them and by the time I realized it, they were cool and really couldn't go back in the oven. And the taste was so-so.

My mother-in-law made brownies on one of our Scout nights and although I wasn't feeling well, I loved the way they looked. I braved the rough seas of my stomach and tried one. It was lovely in texture - all fudgy, but completely lacking in chocolate flavor.

Then these came across my Google reader. I had to try them. Despite my weight-watching ways of late, these brownies were calling my name. I tried them last night.




These a word, divine.

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