Wednesday, April 30, 2008

American Idol meets Neil Diamond?

For real, dudes? Whatever. Okay, so I love a few Neil Diamond songs in a kitschy sort of way, you know? The way I love harvest gold appliances - as in I have this sort of distant admiration for them, but don't put them in my house.

(watching this a day late because I have a bad cold - freaking weather that won't stay put - and fell asleep last night)

Jason Castro - "Forever in Blue Jeans" Okay, one of my favoriter kitschy songs. And you know, I like this. It's nothing spectacular, but it captures that laidback 60s/70s thing that makes the song work in the first place.

David Cook - "I'm Alive" I really don't know my Neil Diamond songbook because I don't recognize this song. Oh, wait, maybe I have heard it. I fear my blatant prejudice is coming through here - not a bad take on a Neil Diamond song that I can only guess didn't rock that hard.
I thought I'd totally missed the judges comments on Jason Castro, but I guess I didn't. Only giving critiques after the second song? This is feeling kind of rushed. Maybe a little less background on Neil Diamond there and we could have had actual feedback (not that what the judges say really matters)

Brooke White - "I'm a Believer" Sort of an odd country take on this. Is it just me or is her voice straining to go lower? At least she's not trying to dance - not too much, anyway. The bopping around is okay, if a little frantic. I think she's done, as much as I've loved her in the past.

David A. "Sweet Caroline" You little... This is probably my favorite Neil Diamond song in all its kitschy glory. This bites. I hate this arrangement and I hate that my least favorite contestant is singing it. Just like he picked my favorite Beatles song to demolish.

Syesha "Hello" Yeah, don't know this one either. Those hands waving in front of her don't even seem to be listening to the same song. She's good at what she is, if that makes sense. I just don't like this type of singer, but she is really just getting better and better.

So the judges are doing a quick run through and wow Paula! Holy crap! For real? Did she just comment on a song that hadn't been sung yet? So this is what all the conspiracy crap is about. Damn.

Second songs:

Jason "September Morn" Well, Paula was right. This isn't anything that shows he wants to be in the finals. Are her drugs now making her psychic. But you know? I don't think he has to do anything different. He is who he is, you know? I like that about him - it's what would make me buy his record rather than download one or two songs. Have I ever heard him speak? I usually fastforward through the intro pieces, so his voice just surprised me. Don't go making excuses. That's just one of the reasons no one like Carly.

David Cook "All I Really Need Is You" I love this. As okay as his first song was, this is so much better. I love the guitar, the intensity, just the whole thing. He wins again.

Brooke "I am, I said" Much better song for her. Although subbing in Arizona was a bit awkward. But so, so much better than her first song. Dude, weird pants. I guess her guitar hid them the first time.

David A. "America" Well, of course. It's the most "Up with People" song Neil Diamond has isn't it? This is such a stage show performance (did his voice just crack) - can't you just see the multicultural parade marching behind him at some amusement park? No, wait, don't tell me, Randy, it was the bomb. Paula loves it. Simon thought it was brilliant. I'm not far off, am I? I feel like I'm watching a different performance than the judges sometimes. Although, after Paula's comments, maybe I am.

Syesha "Thank the Lord for the Night Time" Um, what? Another Neil Diamond song I've never heard of. I only know the biggest, kitschiest ones, huh? I had no idea ND had songs like this. I actually like this, not just in a detached appreciation for her voice, either. It's kind of motown, which I like.

Bottom two: Jason and Brooke. Seriously, though, David A. belongs there too, but I doubt the teenies will allow that. And actually I'm concerned that Jason might have a similar fan base that's going to really burn up the phone lines after Paula's weird comments. So it's probably Brooke going home.

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