Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Idol, please dont'...

Where do I start? I hate Mariah Carey. I hate that everyone has to sing a freaking Mariah Carey song. I have a bad feeling about tonight.

David A. "Believe" what is that crap? The song I mean, not his voice. But his voice is just too breathy or something.

Carly "Without You" Huh, this isn't all that bad, actually. It isn't a verbatim Mariah Carey cover, so it works a bit better for me. She loves very nice tonight - oh, the tattoo is covered. I think it makes a difference.

Syesha "Vanishing(?)" What the hell is this crap? Frickin' Mariah Carey night. That was just wrong. And the fact that she's still here and Michael Johns isn't? Well, maybe it's better for him that he doesn't have to sing this crap. She's a good singer and all, but I hate this type of music.

Brooke "Hero" I guess this is probably the best choice for her to make "her own." But what a smarmy song. I'm surprised little David didn't choose it.

Kristy "Forever" I don't know this song, but damn, I think she might be the best so far tonight.

David Cook "Always Be My Baby" I'm hanging my hopes on him tonight that Mariah Carey won't be a total crapfest. Dude, how do you take Mariah Carey's most annoying, vapid song and make it AWESOME.

Jason "I Don't Wanna Cry" Oh, this song. It's almost got a reggae thing. I like it. It must suck to have to follow David Cook this week, but Jason is who he is and doesn't try to do anything crazy. It's not really anything different, but why should he be?

Bottom: I bet it's Brooke, Carly and Syesha. I won't be shocked to see Brooke leave.


  1. You are SO on the money with your Idol comments. They should fire Randy and hire you!

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