Thursday, April 3, 2008

I have nothing kid-friendly to say.

Every time I try to talk to Tom or anyone about our day yesterday, I curse. And not just little "damn" type curse words. I'm talking the big-bads. Really, I sum up the day with one particular phrase. The m f one. Yeah. It was that kind of flipping day.

It was Wednesday, which means we have to be out of the house a little earlier than Tuesdays or Thursdays, about 20 minutes earlier. So we were running just about on time, maybe a minute or two late. I start my van, which is fresh from the shop with new brakes and fresh oil. And it sounds awful. But I have to drive Miss G to preschool so I didn't really get worked up about it (maybe I should have, although we know now that it didn't matter). I reversed out of my spot, shifted to drive and the low oil pressure light came on and flashed right back off. At that point, I was in the middle of the road and had to get somewhere out of the way, if nothing else. Also, my van likes to light things up that it doesn't always mean. There's some sort of electrical short. So I drove around the corner. It dinged at me and flashed the low pressure warning in red. I was smart enough to stop then (in all, from my parking spot to where I pulled over was about 150 feet, so really not something I should feel bad about, although I feel like I should have done something sooner).

We got out, walked Mr T to school and I called Tom first (but he was busy in testing week at school), then my mom, then my dad. I later called my sister-in-law who spoke with my mechanic brother (who I would have called myself, but I feel weird about calling him at work). He said he'd come by after work and that it sounded like my oil filter jsut wasn't tightened. My dad met him with fresh oil. They fixed it up and had me drive it home. And all the oil dropped out of it again. So that's not good, right?

We end my day with a haiku:

So we say goodbye.
Four years with Chevy Venture
end in oily mess.

We had it four years, but it was four years old when we got it, so really its demise isn't that tragic. But it is a huge pain in the rear.

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