Thursday, July 27, 2006

Suddenly we're playing with our oldest toys? Ugh.

My kids have TONS of toys. I mean, tons. I have a huge family who all like to get them toys for Christmas and birthdays. We just had my youngest's first birthday. More toys. Not that I'm not appreciative, but we have a small house and I'm organizationally challenged anyway.

Yesterday, I had some time to get things organized and I spent most of it in the kids rooms. I was mainly just sorting things back together (separating the Legos from the Lincoln Logs), but I was also getting things ready to put away, now that they're a little older.

So why are my kids playing with the Fisher-Price Little People all of a sudden? I didn't have it in a special spot to catch their attention. I think they read my mind. I was just getting ready to put those away until the baby is a few years older and now I've actually had to get MORE stuff out (you know, the farm, the zoo, the house). And a few days ago, they built an elaborate Thomas the Tank Engine village with all the trains they hadn't played with in months. I'm telling you they're doing it on purpose. Mom wants to put that away? Not yet.

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