Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Get up and do something!

That's a message to me from me. I love the feeling of accomplishing something, even just something as mundance as loading the dishwasher. But the feeling of creating a scrapbook page that really pleases me is one of the best senses of accomplishment around. I was reading August Creating Keepsakes yesterday and I was, as I always am when it's magazine day, disappointed that I don't scrap more. I marathon scrap once or twice a month - ten pages in one night (from page kits I made earlier, so it's not that impressive). I love when I do complete a page, so why don't I get everything out more often? I think I just answered my own question. It's the get everything out part that drives me crazy. I have the perfect workstation, but, especially right now in the midst of all our home improvement projects, there's not much place for me to work. And I get the most done when Tom's not home, so maybe once school starts again.

I'm working on a slideshow project for Tom's school. It's something I've been thinking about trying out anyway (and I made the cutest practice first birthday DVD for baby S). It's totally fun and a real instant sense of accomplishment, right up my alley. Tom complimented how easily and well I was doing all the work for it. I shrugged it off, the way I do compliments. I just feel like being complimented on using a computer program the way it's supposed to be used is like being complimented on baking a box mix cake well. The directions are on the back. It's pretty hard to screw up.

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