Thursday, July 13, 2006

The latest stage in my life...

I reached a new milestone Tuesday night. Not a birthday, graduation, or other significant event in my life. No, Tuesday night, I became the Tooth Fairy. My oldest, my sweet boy, lost his first tooth. He's only five! I wasn't really ready for this just yet, but the dentist did warn me in May that he had three loose teeth. I guess it's two now.

The Tooth Fairy left a five dollar bill (my parents were shocked at the inflation that has taken place in the past 24 years, or probably 21 years, since my brother lost his first tooth) and a note, which T is brandishing about and referring to as his receipt. Actually, not a bad idea.

Photo: MamaChris, at age six, on the occasion of the loss of her first tooth. I don't think I was doing the Funky Chicken, but I can't be sure, based on the picture.

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