Thursday, May 15, 2008

Freaking weather...

It doesn't rain the whole freaking month of April, but we've exceeded the monthly average for May already. On the 15th. And it's supposed to rain again tomorrow. The best part? Both my kids in school have field trips tomorrow. The preschool trip is a reschedule from last Friday, when it also rained its ass off.

And I still have a cold. This is three solid weeks of a cold. WTF? I actually did break down and go to the doctor - a sure sign I'm not feeling good at all. It pretty much takes months of severe pain or a limb hanging off my body at an odd angle to make me concede that I might need medical attention. But something about being pregnant, and especially this far along, makes me a little more cautious. The last freaking thing I want is to be pushing out a kid with this much sinus pressure. Maybe I should have planned my kids to NOT be born in the middle of allergy season. Oh, wait, I have year-round allergies? I remember that now.

Right now it's absolutely gorgeous outside. So lovely, in fact, that I think the weathermen are completely lying to us all. No way is it going to rain in a few hours. We took advantage of this to walk Mr T. to school. We're close enough to the school that we don't get a bus, but far enough away to make it a pain to walk all the time, especially if there's any sort of weather out there (rain, sleet, snow - wait, they cancel school for snow forecast, not snow, cold, hot, etc.). We pretty much walk only in the afternoons and only if the temperature is in the 70s and only then if it's also sunny. Since the weathermen seem to think it's going to rain this afternoon and I was up early this morning, we took a rare morning walk.

Why rare? Because I. AM. NOT. A. MORNING. PERSON. At all. Just the three minute drive to Miss G's school leads to enough cursing that I find myself saying "Don't repeat what Mommy just said" an awful lot. And as much as I'd like to blame pregnancy hormones (they do make it a smidge worse, but not THAT much), I'm just a bitch in the mornings. I totally bit Mr. T's head off on Monday morning. Although I still get mad at what he was so concerned about. He actually wanted to know why I let Miss G in the car first. Wha? Because she sits farther from the door. No, he meant last year when we drove to South Carolina. Oh, nuh-UH.

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