Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Idoling late...again... this week...

I love the ellipsis, don't I?

So anyway, my family has a weekly dinner. My sister and brother and all the kids and I go to my parents for dinner. It's usually on Tuesday or Thursday (my sister's days off, depending on the week). For the past two weeks it's been Tuesday. So I've had to watch a little bit late.

Some sappy slow song. Beautiful voice. The song is like nails on a chalkboard, but her voice is gorgeous.
She works hard for the money - Maybe not the best choice for her (in light of the other two in this round), but not bad at all.
I Who Have Nothing. Didn't they tell her this was her best performance? I guess that's what everyone picks. Just as powerful and amazing as the first time she sang it.

Roxanne - Doesn't really show off the fact that dude can actually sing. Not a great choice.
This Love - Better, but when Simon says he made this song unique, I can only conclude that Simon doesn't know the song. Because it was good, but it wasn't totally original.
I don't know this - Good, but not knock me down amazing.

Believe or something - stupid Whitney song. I can't stand Whitney Houston. The judges love this, but I just think it's robbed Melinda of all personality.
Nutbush City Limits - Now this is more like it.
I'm a Woman - this was one of my favorite performances of hers. I mean, when I think of Melinda, I think of her singing this song. Great choice.

I can't even rank them anymore. I'll just say that I think the finale is going to have a male and a female in it. Why? Because Jordin and Melinda are just a touch too similar. Oh, who am I kidding. I have no clue. I don't have a feeling about this one at all. I'm thinking, though, that Jordin is in the most danger tonight.

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