Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Hello, Bon Jovi (or American Idol a day late)...

I was out last night, so I'm watching last night's American Idol during naps this afteroon (thank you, DVR). So loads of fun this week - two people going home, Jon Bon Jovi. Yeah, that's enough. He just gets better looking with every passing year, doesn't he? I love him and his music, so this should be totally fun.

Phil - Blaze of Glory. Among my favorites. I had the soundtrack to the movie and listened to it all the time on my very first CD player. A slightly twangy opening, but wow. I mean, wow. Good luck following that, kids.

Jordin - Her mom used to play her Bon Jovi when she was little? I'm officially old. Livin on a Prayer. Another good one, but I don't know that it will show off her voice. But does it matter? After the way they screwed with her last week, isn't everyone going to be voting for the poor girl? I think the band, while rockin', is too loud to really hear her sing. But it's not horrible. I think it's going to depend on how the others (like LaKisha, who I can't see singing Bon Jovi) work this out.

LaKisha - speak of the devil. I suspected she'd go slow. I mean, how could she not? I didn't love it, but I don't really love "This Ain't a Love Song" itself.

Blake - You Give Love A Bad Name. OMG. Welcome back, beatbox boy. Love it. LOVE. IT. I've been feeling like he's gotten away from that edge that I liked so much, but this brought back and then some. Awesome.

Chris - Wanted Dead or Alive. I don't know. I thought it was good, but boring. I'd rather hear Jon Bon Jovi singing it. Maybe I just don't like him. Okay, I know I don't like him (really his style of music, since I don't know him personally), but maybe that's coloring my opinion.

Melinda - Here I was worried about the girl and she blows the house away with Have a Nice Day. Nice hair. Now see, this is what makes a true pro - she fits into any genre, like it doesn't matter what she's singing, as long as she's up there doing it.

Let's rank them first:

Now, I don't know if that's how it's going to go down, though. I just can't see Jording leaving tonight. I'd say it's Chris and LaKisha.

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