Sunday, February 6, 2011

TV Time…

Day 11-Favorite TV shows

I was going to say that I’m a TV addict, but that’s not really true anymore. I watch a certain collection of shows faithfully, but I don’t just watch crap to watch TV.

  • Big Bang Theory
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Glee

Those are the only three shows I regularly watch on network television. The rest of the time our television is tuned to kid's’ shows, Food Network and its new sister channel Cooking, History, Discovery or similar channels. We like How It’s Made and shows like that.

I used to be an American Idol fanatic, but I haven’t even been tempted to watch this season – it was bad enough last year without Paula, but without Simon? I can’t imagine it. I might give it a try if I get bored one Wednesday night.


  1. I keep meaning to try How I Met your Mother... is it something you can jump into or should I start from the beginning?

  2. Just saw your comment regarding HIMYM - I would rent the DVDs and start from the beginning. I watched an episode in the middle of the third season and thought it was okay. But then I rented the DVDs and really got it. Same goes for Big Bang Theory.