Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My favorite movies…

Day 7-Favorite movies

In the campy comedy category, we have



Groundhog Day (planning to watch tomorrow, cause we’re dorks like that)


In the romantic comedy category, the nominees are:

The Holiday

Love, Actually

(leaving room because I know I’ve forgotten lots here)


For the nostalgia factor:


Grease 2 (yes, I know it’s awful)

The Parent Trap (Hayley Mills version only, please) – this is also my sick movie.


The Trouble with Angels (we were big Hayley Mills fans)


Favorite Classics:

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (which I think should be required watching in every civics/government lesson)

It’s a Wonderful Life (which, btw, is what I name when forced to pick just one favorite – I have a thing for Jimmy Stewart – let’s not talk about how he’s dead and even if he weren’t, he’d be a mummy)

The Wizard of Oz

Gone with the Wind

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