Monday, April 12, 2010

Dear Spring…

I love you. I think you are the most beautiful season I’ve ever met. I mean that.


But your beauty has come at a cost this season. I know that we had a super wet/snowy winter followed by a sudden burst of warm spring air. I know you aren’t entirely to blame for the pollen levels. That bitch Winter has some answering to do for it too.

And yet, I find myself more disenchanted with you every day. Possibly because I’ve had a sinus headache since last Tuesday. I could cry. Actually, I have cried. I’m really stuck here, Spring. If I take allergy meds, I’m in a zombie fog with a minor headache. If I skip them, I’m in a zombie fog with a massive headache. I mean, I guess the obvious answer is B, but not being able to concentrate on anything. At all. Seriously frustrating.

Plus, my gorgeous new car that is the prettiest shade of red is now practically yellow. I hate the color yellow.

That is all.

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