Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thinking this morning....

I'm sure I'll be late getting the kids down to the bus. I was drinking my (100% essential) coffee and perusing my Google reader and totally lost track of time (damn, I had a lot to read this morning). So I was left with 15 minutes to make lunches and get the kids dressed and combed and ready for school.

But this article about being disorganized and unproductive really spoke to me. It IS me. I'm completely a perfectionist and I know some things will never live up to my expectations, so I don't try or I don't try my best. I'd have words with one of my kids if they did the same thing, but for me, it's completely acceptable. Actually, not really. I get very irritated with myself that I am flummoxed by my imperfection.

I'm making decluttering and maintaining a less cluttered (not clutter-free, since I think that's setting myself up for failure) home my main goal this year. I've totally slacked off this summer, so I have a lot of catching up to do. I think some shelving and other storage solutions are necessary to this endeavor, so hopefully Tom and I can make one of our pilgrimages to Ikea in the next month or so.

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