Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How does my garden grow?

Well, a little too well, actually. This is the first year I've lived somewhere where we can have a real garden. I grew tomatoes in pots back in the early days of our marriage (eleven years ago), but in the ground planting and growing is a whole different animal. I really didn't allow enough room for how much everything would grow. Plus, we have puppies who like to dig, so my space for a garden was defined by the size of our fencing. My cucumbers are about to overtake the peppers. My tomato plants are bushing together (my fault for not reading the directions more thoroughly - I read "sow one foot apart" and didn't understand that sow and plant are different. I should have sown my seeds one foot apart and thinned my plants to THREE feet apart.

Oops. My husband also objects to the fact that I didn't plant everything in neat little rows. I keep telling I don't think in neat little rows. I like mess and disorder. He comments on how my plants should be in rows every time he weeds it (isn't he the best? Weeding is my most hated of most hated jobs).
See that pumpkin plant? It's like three times that size now and it's not even a week later. I really had no concept of how all of this stuff would grow. But now I do and it's all being catalogued (mentally) for next year's garden, which will hopefully be bigger if the dogs are past their digging/chewing (ha!).
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