Thursday, October 16, 2008

Things really do come in threes...

The three in my life lately is daisies. Actually, I just learned there is a fourth, so this might not count. Or maybe it just amplifies the whole thing.

Daisy #1. We got a puppy. Two actually, one is Uncle E's, though. The female of the pair is ours and I named her Daisy.

Daisy #2. Scouts. Miss G wanted to do like her big brother who joined Cub Scouts. So we found a Daisy troop for her (that may or may not work out - it's been an unsuccessful venture so far).

Daisy #3. Frick. I can't remember.

Daisy #4. The last name of Uncle E's insurance agent.

Actually there's sort of a fifth, if you count Daisy Duck via our upcoming trip to Disney.


  1. She looks like a chocolate lab, but she's not purebred. She's a very sweet, mainly docile puppy.