Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hey, there sports fans…

It’s been quite a year for my favorite teams. The Baltimore Orioles played like they meant it. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish went to the BCS National Championship game. I’m not going to discuss what happened once they got there, except to say that I hope it is in no way a predictor of my other favorite team’s success in their upcoming national championship game. Regardless, the Irish had a great run up to the game and it’s something longtime fans like me have been waiting for.

So what’s happening this weekend? Super Bowl something something. I lose track of all those Roman numerals, although I wonder if that’s why they keep teaching them in school (yes, my kids learned Roman numerals – and cursive). The Baltimore Ravens are heading to the Super Bowl for the second time. I have very fond memories of their first trip there. I was six months pregnant with my first child living with DH in my parents’ house. We watched the game in their basement, while they went out to a party.

In case you don’t have a photographic Super Bowl memory (I can’t even remember who played or won last year), the Ravens beat the New York Giants (oh, wait, I think they won last year – I seem to remember rooting for them because I hated the other team more. Plus, a chance to quote Madagascar is always a plus. “All hail the New York giants!”). My “baby” I was waiting on during that game is turning twelve this year. Twelve! How did that happen?

We’re supposed to go over some friends house for the game and, as always, the issue is what food shall we have. I’m thinking Purple Velvet Cupcakes. Why not?

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