Monday, September 3, 2012

Project Life Roundup: Week of August 28-September 2

What a week! I’ve spent all summer in complete and total denial that I am overextended during the school year. I’m so overextended that I made up for it by spending my summer doing absolutely jack.

On Monday, the kids went back to school. Ted started middle school (sob!), Daisy entered 4th grade and Scarlett began 2nd grade. The Viv will start preschool Sept. 5 (double sob!). And actually, to add to this rather momentous year, Hubby started working at the high school, rather than the middle school.


(Some of us were less than ready for the first day here)

On Wednesday, I resumed my relentless meeting schedule (coming soon: a post in which I examine my schedule and life and see what’s going to give, because right now I feel like something has to).

On Thursday, Hubby and I went to our first middle school back to school night, which was an interesting experience for him, since he’s normally there as a teacher, not a parent.

Sunday was my grandmother’s 79th birthday. I haven’t been able to visit on her last couple of birthdays, so I made a point of going up to see her on this one. While we were there, we stopped by our state fair. My kids don’t really like rides and we weren’t able to get that line of credit for them to play games, so we checked out the animals and craft exhibits and enjoyed the food.


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