Thursday, July 19, 2012

Project Life Roundup: Week of July 8-14

See, this is why I need to write all of this crap down when it happens and not rely on my utterly useless memory to get it all straight. I can’t think of a single thing we did that week. Possibly because it’s summer and I’m trying to have a light schedule and we really didn’t do much. Also, possibly because it was a thousand degrees most of those days. We just hung out in the house.

Sunday, Daisy’s Girl Scout troop went roller skating. All of them were there for the first time. Daisy has more guts than ability, so she went all out and ended up bruising the heck out of my ankle when she couldn’t get her feet under her properly. She did work it out by the end of the day and was getting around pretty well.


Monday: A little rain shower leads to some puddle jumping:


Thursday: Storytime at the Library (as Viv says, “the lellow libaly.” She is in speech therapy for some of those sounds, so I’m not making fun of my four-year-old. I think it’s adorable and will be a little sad when she speaks just right).


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