Saturday, June 30, 2012

I’m so lame…

Forgive me, Father. It has been three months since my last blog post. Wait. That doesn’t go here, does it? Sorry. My Catholic upbringing is deeply rooted.

June began with my Windows 7 operating system getting destroyed for some completely unknown reason (luckily I’m something of a computer nerd, minus the dorky – which I secretly think are hot – glasses, and was able to restore my system with minimal loss. It would have been zero loss, but I’m a dumbass and forgot to back a few things up when I had the chance).

So it was a rocky start. I tried Camp NaNoWriMo, but totally failed (see above). I was hitting my target on Days 1, 2 & 3. Then on June 4, I woke up to a system repair. I never got back on track.

I’m going to try to recap our June if for no other reason than I want something to refer to when I actually get out my Project Life supplies and get to it.

June 4-10:

Monday was my oldest child and only son’s fifth grade “graduation.” They don’t call it a graduation here, for which I am supremely thankful since I think only high school and college graduations count. My son did famously once say that he could finish school in fifth grade because by then he would know everything (I think he was in kindergarten when he said this).


Tuesday was the last day of school. Yes, June 5th. Normal last day of school around here is June 15th. We didn’t get any snow and our calendar allows for four snow days, which get cut off if we don’t use them. So yay! Kids are home! I love having my kids home for the summer, so me and the Viv were happy when those buses came home at 1PM (last day is early dismissal).

Friday we took advantage of our early summer and visited my family who live two hours away. We spent the morning with my mom at a park and Toys R Us and the evening with my huge extended family celebrating our late spring/early summer birthdays.


Four kids in the same picture!

Saturday the kids went to my dad’s family reunion and the hubby and I went to a wedding near our house.

June 11 – 17

This was a totally crazy week. Scarlett AKA child #3 takes ballet and had her recital on the 16th, but leading up to that was a very full week of rehearsals. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday for two hours and three and a half hours on Friday night.


Saturday was the Viv’s fourth birthday AND Scarlett’s recital. We made a big fuss over the Viv at lunchtime to make up for the fact that we weren’t doing our usual celebration at dinner. She didn’t mind.


Sunday was just as crazy. It was Father’s Day and my in-law’s 40th anniversary. We went to church, where we had arranged flowers dedicated to them. Later we celebrated Viv’s birthday, Father’s Day and the anniversary at dinner.


June 18-24

A slightly less crazy week. My second child, Daisy, was taking tennis lessons (this was actually week three – forgot about in the other two weeks with all the other craziness going on) on Mondays and Tuesdays. It rained out on Monday and Tuesday was postponed due to the parade in our town.


My Girl Scout troop walked in the parade on Tuesday with our homemade flag. The parade ends at the carnival, so we all go to the carnival since we’re there anyway. Of course the only one of my kids who likes rides is crazy Viv, so my $20 for 25 tickets was wasted. I think she rode the Merry Go Round over and over. .


Wednesday was our 14th anniversary. We celebrated by Hubby working at a camp all day and then going to a meeting of a local board we’re on. We did actually go out to eat at a very nice restaurant, but it was a bust of an anniversary.

Thursday Daisy and I worked at the carnival for her karate dojo. They run a booth and the money goes to the facility they use for their lessons.

Friday was our second year doing Relay for Life. We drove (in fricking crazy traffic) to the city where my family lives to set up, only to find that no one knew what was going on because it was supposed to storm. We basically got blown away, but after it passed we relayed on. I was on the crew that stayed all night. It really is not the most fun thing in the world. Our particular event was disorganized and sort of fell apart after the storm hit. I think everyone was disappointed in the experience and won’t be back. Of course, I have no pictures of Relay because I took my camera, made extra sure to charge the battery, REPLACE the battery in the camera and then left the fricking memory card on my desk.

Saturday, Mama was TI-IIII-RED. I slept for a couple of hours and then drove a couple more hours home. I slept better than night than I think I ever have. I even overslept for church (my mother-in-law picked up the kids and let me keep sleeping).

June 25-30

A much gentler week on us. We rather vegetated for the first few days while the Hubby planted soybeans. The kids went to Vacation Bible School. We saw Madagascar 3 (LOVED). We found a new source for crabmeat. The garden started producing squash like crazy. It was 101 degrees on Friday. VBS had an end of the week program and we went. A storm blew through and knocked a huge branch off one of our trees.  But being able to wrap up the week in a few sentences rather than paragraphs? Sigh. What a nice week.

Our July is currently looking a lot less crazy, so I’m hoping the real summer relaxation can start.

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