Sunday, December 4, 2011

December Daily {Day Four}

Yesterday was our annual trek to the local tree farm to chop down an evergreen which allows the tree farm to plant more for the next year. The benefit of fresh Christmas trees is one of my soapboxes, so I’ll try not go on too much and just get to the page.

I’m finding sticking to one kit for an entire album a bit of a challenge. I love colors in my layouts, so this is a challenge in many ways to me. Actually, the only thing that came from the Persnickety Prints kit is the tree. Everything else is just color backgrounds and a number brush. I’m starting to question why I buy kits when I tend to only use the papers. I might be switching to just buying paper packs.


I’m not planning to do two page spreads for most layouts, but this one had so many pictures to go with it and I had a lot to say, so it couldn’t be limited to just one page. 

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