Tuesday, July 28, 2009


This is the Boston Cream Pie I made for Tom's birthday. It was a pretty complicated process (since mostly I make box mix cakes as I've never found a scratch recipe that tastes quite as good - make my own frosting, but never the cake). I made the custard filling first so it had plenty of time to cool. Then I made the cakes, though they came out a little shorter than they should have. I only had 9-inch rounds, not 8-inch like the recipe needed. I let them cool along with the custard. Then about an hour later, I made the ganache and assembled the cake/pie.

We went to the Delaware State Fair (which is weird to me as a Maryland resident). I loved it - hardly any crowds. Everyone had a fabulous day, including my hubby -the birthday boy. When we got home, we dove into his cake. He LOVED it. The kids loved it. Even pickly me, I loved it.

I really enjoyed the process of making this cake, despite its lengthy and messy process. I loved creating something wonderful from such simple ingredients (all of which we had in the house - nothing expensive or useless).
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