Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Who's watching this stuff?

I've been seriously annoyed lately by several commercials. Why? It's only a commercial, right? Normally, I'm pretty media-savvy. I look at commercials from the perspective of the people paying for them and creating them and realize what they're trying to do. And I'm cool with what I see. Their goal is to increase product awareness, get people interested in buying their product and obviously to make more money. So they target certain audiences. Of course, this time that's what's got me so annoyed.

There are at least two commercials that I've seen lately in which a working mom comes home and proceeds to be the only one taking care of household duties. I know I"m a SAHM. Because of this, I generally cook and clean. It's cool. Tom and I have agreed on this and honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way. I have a little trouble letting him do things any way other than my way. But these images suggest that only a woman can prepare a meal or do the dishes or laundry or clean the bathroom or whatever. This commercial shows Mom coming home from work, then she puts food in front of her family while the man and kids wait impatiently. Um, hello? What freaking year is this? Why is the dad just sitting there? The best part? They show this commercial during the day, when the people watching it are generally at-home moms like me.

I need to just stop thinking.

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